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Concur Travel & Expense

TCU uses Concur to make managing your travel and expenses as simple as possible. It offers a suite of tools and services including online booking and expense management. We also have a dedicated travel agent through Anthony Travel, as well as agents who are accessible 24/7; convenient mobile apps; and university credit cards. Our goal is to provide the University with safety, service, and savings.

Make Your Trip Smooth Sailing

Please review Getting Started with Concur for items you will need to do before booking travel with SAP Concur. 

Concur Travel Requests

As of October 1, 2023, an approved Travel Request is now mandatory for all overnight employee travel. This requirement is necessary to submit a "TCU Travel Expenses" Report with the Trip Type options of In-State-Overnight, Out of State, and International Travel. The following links provide additional guidance.

Are you a first time traveler or infrequent traveler?

Benefits of Using our Travel Program

When you use your University Travel Credit Card, charges will be input directly into your Concur Expenses.

How to Submit Travel Receipts Directly to Concur

  • Activate your E-Receipts in Concur. Airline tickets, and most major hotels and car vendors are E-Receipt Eligible and will send an E-Receipt directly to your Concur Expenses when using your University travel card.
  • Use the ExpenseIt tool within the Concur Mobile app to take a picture of receipts on the go. See the Concur Mobile App page for additional detail.
  • If you don’t have a smartphone you can scan and email, or forward receipt images (5 MB limit per file) to You must have your email verified in your Concur Profile to utilize this functionality which emails receipt images directly to your Concur Expenses.

You or your delegate will create an Expense Report in Concur using the information and receipts provided.

Any expenses purchased through TCU Travel Credit Card need to be assigned to an expense report within 30 days of purchase. 

Be sure to submit your reimbursement expenses within a reasonable period of time to allow processing. Please note that due to I.R.S. regulations, any receipt received after 90 days of your return from travel will be processed as a taxable reimbursement.

Faculty and staff will receive per diem to cover meals and incidental expenses incurred in conjunction with international University business travel.   Receipts are not necessary. TCU provided per diems are based on a percentage (70%) of the Department of State foreign per diem rates for meals and incidentals . When applicable and appropriate a “reduction” should be entered in SAP Concur for covered/ineligible meals.

Any expenses purchased through TCU Travel Credit Card need to be assigned to an expense report within 30 days of purchase. 

Use of the International Per Diem Tool is required to calculate per diem reductions for provided meals.  A copy of the calculation MUST BE attached to your expense report.

International Per Diem Tool