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TCU Post Office Services

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Incoming Mail

First class letters and parcel notifications are usually placed in TCU Boxes by noon. Parcels from other delivery services (i.e., FedEx, UPS) are processed throughout the day as we receive them.

Outgoing Mail

Mail deposited in the mail slot before 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday will be dispatched the same day.

Mail deposited in the mail slot after 4:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday will be dispatched the next day.
Mail deposited in the mail slot after 4:30 p.m. Friday will be dispatched the following Monday afternoon.

Interoffice Mail

The TCU Post Office provides a free interoffice mail service to all campus locations. To use this service, place your pieces in the Interoffice drop box at the TCU Post Office. All interoffice mail must have a delivery address and a return address.

Students, faculty and staff can rent TCU Boxes. Delivery Services do not deliver to dorms or Residence Hall addresses. When you rent a TCU Box at our facility, you can receive letters and packages there. Mail sent to non-renters is returned to sender as unknown.

Why Rent a TCU Box? 

Many students rent a TCU Box as first year students and continue to rent the same box the entire time they are attending TCU. This allows them to maintain the same mailing address, no matter how often they change physical addresses. In addition, many students will ship household items and clothes to their TCU Box early for move in. We will hold packages in a secure and accessible location at the Post Office for pickup on the day of arrival.

Rental Fee

Rent a TCU Box for $55 a year. The fee covers the period from May 15th through the following spring semester. If you rent a box any time during the year, the fee is $55 and the rental period terminates May 15th. For your convenience your TCU box will be automatically renewed each year.

How to Rent a Box

Log on to Select the ‘Student Services Task’ tile. Click on Request PO Box. Click YES. Click SAVE. TCU boxes will be automatically renewed each year.


Students are not to share TCU Boxes for any reason, this includes siblings and roommates. TCU Boxes are for receiving personal mail only. No business may be operated out of a TCU Box.

Closing a TCU Box

TCU Boxes are automatically renewed each year until a student graduates or permanently closes through the MyTCU portal. Moving off campus does not close a TCU Box. To PERMANENTLY close a TCU Box, login to MyTCU portal. On your Student Homepage, click on the Student Services tile and choose Close Post Office Box and follow the directions. Closing a TCU Box does not refund the student account. For Post Office billing questions, please contact

Mail Forwarding

After closing a TCU Box, all First Class USPS will be forwarded for one year. For accurate mail delivery and forwarding, either come to the Post Office and fill out a Forwarding Change of Address Order form or update your forwarding through the MyTCU portal by clicking on Student Services tile and choose Close Post Office Box, then Update/Add Addresses. You are responsible for up-to-date addresses on

Mail is not forwarded during Christmas break or during summer.

To make arrangements for Abroad Semester Forwarding, please contact

To make sure your mail is delivered correctly, please adhere to the following guidelines.

To receive mail on campus, each student must rent a TCU Box. Students are not to share TCU Boxes for any reason. This includes siblings and roommates.

Keep in mind that the delivery services do not deliver to dorms or TCU residence halls. Addressing packages incorrectly will result in delays with the delivery and processing.

Please use the following address format when shipping to your TCU Box via U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or other courier services:

  • Student's Full Name (First and Last)
  • 2901 Stadium Drive
  • TCU Box 29......(student six-digit box number)
  • Fort Worth TX 76129

For help with an address or shipping please email or call 817-257-7840.


Pack your items securely, use plenty of tape, and place a label with your shipping address and return address inside your package in case it becomes damaged in shipping.

Be sure to insure valuable items.

Claims should be made at the originating shipping office. Because we are a Contract Postal Unit, claims cannot be made at this location. To place a claim, the Shipping Services require a receipt or documentation of the item’s value.

Advice for Incoming Students

If you have rented a TCU Box, you may begin shipping to your TCU Box as soon as you have your address.

If you have requested a TCU Box and have registered for classes, but have not received your TCU Box number, please contact us at tcumailboxes@tcu.eduor 817-257-7840 to resolve.

Once received, your packages will be placed in a secure location at the TCU Post Office. Students will receive notification through their TCU email once items are ready for pick up. Please have your Student ID or Student ID number along with a photo ID to pick up packages.

We will have carts available for you to borrow to transport your boxes to your car, dorm or residence hall.

Depending upon availability, staff may be able to help you.