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Student, Guest, and Pcard Expenses

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Additional information related to creating and adding expenses in concur can be accessed through the Managing Expenses in Concur page.

An ACH/direct deposit payment to a TCU student (including graduate students) for a travel or expense reimbursement is initiated through SAP Concur by a department designee. The designee is required to adhere to the University reimbursement policies and guidelines. Travel Expense Reports must be submitted after the trip is completed and within 90 days.

Access to the Concur platform is provided to certain Graduate Assistants. Please note that Graduate Assistants must be paid through HR payroll and cannot be on an hourly basis. In cases where an individual is both an employee in Concur and a graduate student, the individual would process as an employee if the report is for work as a TCU employee and have someone complete the student reimbursement for them if they are being reimbursed for expenses related to student travel (i.e. not TCU business travel). Graduate students can access Concur if they have one of the following job codes in HR:

  • 90004: Research Assistantship
  • 90005: Teaching Assistantship
  • 90006: Graduate Assistantship
  • 90007: Graduate Instructor
  • 90008: Graduate Associate
  • 97102: Research Assistantship

The Concur Expense module has been configured to facilitate guest reimbursements. These reimbursements should be processed by a TCU employee with an active Concur profile, and the employee must adhere to the University's reimbursement policies and guidelines.

To get information related to credit limits, authorizations, and balances please contact JP Morgan at 800-316-6056 or 847-488-3748 (Outside the US and Canada) or the TCU Card Program Coordinator at

You can update and code charges, add receipts, and even allocate charges all month long. It’s best practice to work on charges daily/weekly so that you aren’t scrambling at the end of the month to complete the report. Unreconciled transactions will remain in Concur until they are submitted. PCards must be submitted and approved by the 7th day after the month has ended. Failure by the cardholder to submit reports on time will result in the suspension of their University Credit Card or loss of their card for repeated offenses.