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Assigning a Travel Arranger

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You can assign access in your profile to as many Travel Arrangers as needed. Go to your Profile and either scroll to the page to the “Assistants and Travel Arrangers” box or click “Assistants/Arrangers” from the My Profile menu on the left side of the page. Click Add an Assistant to add the person you want to authorize to book your travel. This person can update your profile, make any travel arrangements for you, and view upcoming trips.

Note: You must be setup as a Travel Arranger for an employee before you can book a trip on
their behalf

  • SAP Concur Booking Travel Arrangements for an Employee if you are the Travel Arranger
  • Updating a Traveler’s Profile if you are the Travel Arranger – When a delegate has been set-up and is in the profile, they can click on the same Profile Settings option and review/edit Travel Preferences for the person they are delegating for. Ideally the user updates their profile and travel preferences when they initially login – as not all options/settings can be updated by a delegate (such as the travel partner integrations and e-receipts); the Travel Preference update instructions are also included in the TCU Getting Started guide.