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Jaggaer Contract Roles

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Contract Requester
Complete fields and answer questions on a contract request form and submit it for approval. Once approved, a contract may be created from the request.  The Contract Requester permission is needed to access the Request Contract and Manage Contract Requests pages.
Contract Approver
This user may approve contracts in work flow, but may not create or edit contracts without also being assigned the Contract Manager role. The Contract Approver is similar to the Approver role in the Requisitioning module of Jaggaer at TCU.
Contract Stakeholder
This user may view contracts in their assigned work groups, but may not create or edit contracts.
Work Group
The Work Group is the Department or Office by which the roles are assigned. The Work Groups are set up in tiers, and users should select the most specific tier possible. For example, if the Contract Approver works in Facilities, they would select the Finance and Administration main tier, then the Facilities selection under the main tier.