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Options for Buying Goods & Services

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Purchasing at Costco

  • All TCU guidelines must be followed. Costco purchases should not be used to circumvent contract suppliers already in place. TCU Credit Card use at Costco is for departmental purchases only and not for personal use.
  • TCU has established a Costco University membership; You do NOT need to purchase a membership to make
  • TCU Departmental purchases: Costco will allow departments to shop at the local Fort Worth store (5300 Overton Ridge Blvd).
  • In-Store Purchases using your TCU-issued Visa credit card: 
    1. Inform the greeter you're a TCU employee when showing your TCU employee ID Card to enter the door.
    2. At checkout, present your TCU employee ID Card. The supervisor will enter the TCU Costco Membership Account Number for your purchase.  
    3. Use your TCU issued VISA Credit Card for payment.
    4. CONFIRM sales tax isn’t charged.
    5. Obtain a receipt for your purchase and submit that receipt with your expense reconciliation.

The preferred method is to purchase using a University-issued credit card when purchasing on behalf of TCU. A PO is only allowed when a University credit card is not available.

  • For TCU individuals without a University issued card you can request a Purchase Order to bring to Costco.
  • A Costco PO is for departmental purchases only and not for personal use.


Fill out the Non-Catalog form on the Jaggaer website (if you do not have access to this form submit a Jaggaer Access Request and ask for the Non-Catalog Form view)

  • After the requisition is fully approve a PO will automatically be generated. To print off a version to bring into Costco select the “Print Fax Version” from the menu option in the PO
  • Bring the PO into Costco and ask an employee for assistance at the register. The receipt from Costco will be your Invoice to submit for Payment


Submit your Invoice for Payment

  • Navigate to the PO used for Costco
  • On the Invoices tab select the plus to submit a new Invoice
  • Fill out the Supplier Invoice Number located directly under Costco’s bar code of the receipt, date and attach an image of the receipt and submit the Invoice for approval

Purchasing with Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs (Amazon & Staples)

What Product Categories are available to purchase?

Supplier Punchout Catalogs include most items that are available on the public website for the supplier, plus additional business-specific products. TCU Procurement is enabling you to make the right buying decisions for your business needs. Please note that there are certain categories that TCU Procurement has restricted or blocked based on purchasing policies (such as Technology items that must be purchased by TCU IT).

Can I use a TCU Business account for PERSONAL use?

No. The central Business account must be used for business purchases only, in accordance with TCU purchasing policies. The TCU Procurement team will have access to all purchasing history made using any Business account.

In December of 2023, TCU’s Amazon Business account moved to an electronic (punchout) catalog in Jaggaer. The Amazon Business website is no longer available for shopping using a email address.

To access the TCU Amazon Business account, navigate to Jaggaer and click on the Amazon Business tile in the Showcases section. This will take you to the website which will look identical to the website that you have previously used with Amazon Business Prime.

When I click on the Amazon tile in Jaggaer, the page tells me the punchout will open in a new window, but nothing happens.

This means your browser is blocking the pop-up window. Follow the browser instructions or reach out to IT support if you need further assistance.

Am I able to make purchases through Amazon Business without accessing Jaggaer

No. Business purchases should only be made through Jaggaer.


How can I return or cancel an item?

To return an item, access your Amazon Business account. Navigate to “Your Orders” to find the item(s) you want to return. From Your Orders:

  • Select Return or Replace items
  • Choose a reason for return
  • Print label and authorization
  • Prepare package and return label

Items shipped and sold by can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Return policies, and timeframes, can vary if purchase was made from a 3rd party seller.

Business Prime

What items are eligible for Business Prime Shipping?

Millions of products are eligible for Business Prime Shipping and are designated with the Prime logo. You’ll be charged applicable shipping fees for items not eligible for Business Prime Shipping.

Are there other benefits besides Free Two-Day Shipping with Business Prime?

Besides Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items, Business Prime Shipping provides all employees on your business account access to Prime Early Access and Prime Day deals. Business Prime Shipping currently does not include consumer programs such as Prime Pantry, Fresh, Music, or Video.

Are there any product restrictions that will not work for Punchout?

Digital-related products, subscriptions, and Amazon Services (such as Amazon Web Services and Amazon Fresh) are not available for purchase.

What should I do if I purchased an individual Prime Membership with my personal card and wish to keep my accounts and purchasing history separate?

If you previously used your business email on a personal account and purchased Amazon Prime, please follow the instructions to split your account within the Registration Guide  to separate your accounts. You will need to designate a new personal email for your personal account, your personal history and Prime membership will remain intact, and you will be able to join the central Business account with your business email.

Customer Service

How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?

Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached by clicking Contact Us from within your Amazon Business account or by calling 1-888-281-3847. Please use this team for anything relating to an order, transaction, shipment, and general Amazon related inquiries as well.

In December of 2023, TCU’s Staples account moved to an electronic (punchout) catalog in Jaggaer.

To access the TCU Staples account, navigate to Jaggaer and click on the Staples tile in the Showcases section. This will take you to the website which will look identical to the website that you have previously used with Staples.

Shipping Limitations

Shipping – to – Desk orders require a minimum purchase amount of $30 to qualify for free shipping.