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Contract Type Descriptions

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Contract Type Description
Advertising/Media Buy Insertion order, radio spot, tv spot, billboard, bus wrap, magazine ad, newspaper ad
Education Agreements & MOUs Non-revenue/no cost (no money changes hands) clinical training affiliation agreements (CTAA)
Hotel, Bus, & Air Charter* *If the bus, hotel use or air charter occurs in another country then enter the contract under Study Abroad
Licensing Agreement Right for TCU to use or perform music or other copyrighted works or granting others the right to use TCU-owned materials, such as KPICD material licensing, etc.
On or Off Campus Event Event decorations, event equipment rental, event space/ venue rental, food truck, on campus catering, fireworks display
Professional Services Artist/performer, speaker, consulting, non-website marketing, on campus services- hanging banners, stair graphics, audio visual work (replacing a bad tv, repairing a speaker)*

*If the work requires running new wires or going into a wall it must be handled and contracted for by Facilities.
Real Estate Leasing space off campus, temporary storage units
Revenue TCU to be paid for services such as experiential learning, executive education, or speech and hearing testing for elementary students
Study Abroad TCU-sponsored international travel (i.e. semester abroad, summer programs, TCU Global Academy)
Technology Hardware purchase, software, internet services and subscriptions, website work, data sets for research